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Presidio Bank

Community Involvement

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Since its inception, even before being profitable, a budget was allocated annually to sponsoring nonprofits. 
Presidio Bank continues to embraced a culture of community giving over a decade later. Philanthropy and community involvement is woven throughout the Presidio Bank corporate culture. 
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Employees, Board members, and Advisory Board members give time

- Nearly 6000 hours annually
- To 100 different organizations
- Representing over $450,000 in donated expertise


dollar sign icon markPresidio bank donates generously

- Named SF Business Times Top Bay Area Corporate Philanthropists
- Giving over 1% of its profits back to the community
- Donating to nonprofits chosen by clients through the innovative Community Values CD product
- Supporting local wealth-building nonprofits in strategic ways to reach under-served communities

arrows circulating  a dollar sign icon markPresidio Bank ensures that it reinvests in our local economy

- 87% of vendors are based in the Bay Area
- 90% of the bank’s loan portfolio is local, supporting local jobs, revenue and economic impact on the region
- Presidio Bank features corporate and nonprofit clients in its advertising helping them to gain more visibility
Nonprofits are featured disproportionately more.

award star icon markWe are recognized for our commitment

- Federal Reserve rated Presidio Bank as “Outstanding” for Community Reinvestment Act criteria
- The Wealth Creation Clinic at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning released a comprehensive study titled “Enhancing the Local Impact of Community Banks”, utilizing Presidio Bank as a model

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How You Can Get Involved

  - There are many benefits to donating your time and money. Find the causes and organizations best suited to you.
- In addition to the nonprofit organizations listed here, you can research new ones matched to your interests.
- Watch this inspiring video featuring why others are committed to philanthropy