Whether you are a small business, middle-market company, or large corporation, we can help you improve cash flow, manage risk, and compete more effectively in the global marketplace.  We have partnered with Wells Fargo Correspondent Banking to assist us in strengthening our client relationships by providing a wide-range of financial services in a convenient and easy-to-use manner. Their comprehensive Bank Correspondent Services allow us to meet our clients' needs through expanding the accessibility of banking services.    


Payments and Collections

Simplify payments and collections

Our clients can make fast U.S. dollar and foreign currency payments and collections. Our correspondent services through Wells Fargo can help them manage their collections, payment, and transfer transactions worldwide.


  • Wire Transfer Service – Send wire payments to and from more than 76 countries.
  • Foreign Currency Drafts – Get secure bank checks payable in multiple foreign currencies.
  • Foreign Exchange Services  – Get comprehensive foreign exchange services.
  • International AC – Facilitate bulk payments, increase control over our clients cash flow, and reduce costs of moving funds.
  • U.S. Dollar or Multi-Currency Accounts (MC) – Simplify foreign currency transactions, receivables, and funding to meet payables requirements.
  • Letters of Credit (L/C) – Improve cash flow. Get import, export, standby, or prepaid L/Cs and speed up site or deferred L/C payments.
  • Foreign Cash Letters – Get a cost-effective method for clearing checks either in foreign currencies or drawn on foreign banks.


  • Documentary Collections – Expedite processing, and lower the sale and transfer costs of goods and funds worldwide. Create direct collection instructions and drafts, request document amendments, and accelerate delivery of shipping documents.
  • Canadian Wholesale Lockbox – Accelerates our clients Canadian collections and convert payments into cash quickly. Cut mail and processing float by several days and enhance the company's cash and investment positions.
Trade Finance

Reaching Worldwide Markets

Reach key markets in over 130 countries worldwide with our Wells Fargo Correspondent Banking through international commercial financing. Working with Wells we can help our clients find the money they need to finance their international commercial operations, so they can build their business and stay on top of the changing international trade environment. Get comprehensive import and export trade finance services, international connections, and consulting services to keep our clients competitive. .    

Trade Cycle Financing – Fund each stage of an international trade transaction, instead of outlaying the total base amount. Get advances on import shipments of up to 100 percent of purchase price.  

Letters of Credit (L/C) – Improve cash flow in the U.S. or Asia by using import, export, standby, or prepaid letters of credit.  

Documentary Collections – Expedite international trade processing and reduce sales and transfer costs of funds and goods. .       

Export Risk Mitigation – Structure international trade transactions to maximize cash flow and minimize foreign risks associated with exporting.

Risk Management

Minimize Risk with Targeted Business

Manage and minimize risk, protect profits, and stay ahead of fluctuating interest rates in volatile equity and foreign exchange markets.

Hedging Strategies – Hedge foreign exchange risk in more than 100 currencies and implement customized strategies to help safeguard and strengthen our client's business.

  • Forward contracts – “Lock-in” foreign exchange rates to maintain profit margins.
  • Foreign currency options – Tailor a currency strategy that best fits our client's risk mitigation needs.
  • Option-combination strategies – Minimize risk with little or no up-front costs.
  • Non-deliverable forwards – Lower our client's risk in emerging markets when standard options aren’t available.

Export Risk Mitigation – Structure trade transactions to maximize cash flow and minimize foreign risks associated with exporting. 

Global Payables Service – Improve a client's working capital and cash flow. GPS is a disbursement and financing service for payables that helps buyers reduce the costs in their domestic and international supply chains.

Insurance for Export Receivables – Get comprehensive insurance for a client's foreign accounts receivables and insulate their business from overseas commercial and political non-payment risks.  

For further information regarding International Services, please call or visit your local Presidio Bank office.