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Presidio Bank

Disbursement Solutions

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Satisfy payments when they are due, while eliminating the accumulation of idle cash with our full suite of electronic and paper-based solutions. 

Bill Pay

Bill Pay service offers all the capabilities and comfort of traditional bill payment, but with online speed and convenience. Presidio Bank offers two versions of Bill Pay tailored specifically to your business needs. The ability to include invoice and credit memo details with payments ensures proper crediting of accounts. It's the fast, easy way to pay vendors, creditors, or any other person or company in the U.S., without writing a check, buying a stamp, or addressing an envelope.

Electronic ACH Payments

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a nationwide network through the Federal Reserve System that allows individuals and businesses to move payments electronically between financial institutions.

ACH Payments

ACH Payments allow you to transfer funds to an account at another financial institution. Because we use the ACH payment network for this service, you reap the control benefits of sending money via ACH, such as specifying when the recipient actually receives the funds.


Payroll is the ability to credit multiple recipient accounts, regardless of where those accounts are held. This feature is most commonly used to allow you to pay employees over the Internet (aka Direct Deposit). One of the efficient features of this service is that you can split a payroll amount between two different accounts at two different banks, giving you better control of your resources.


Collections is a useful tool to collect recurring dues or fees from members or customers. While ACH Receipts debit one account at a time, Collections allows you to debit multiple accounts outside the bank at the same time and credits your account inside the bank for the sum total of those debits. Examples include: dues, assessments, membership fees and recurring service payments.

Electronic Tax Payments

Electronic tax payment service facilitates payments of your federal and state tax requirements. Utilizing Presidio Bank's Business eBanking Service, you will have complete control in the timing and disbursement of these funds. Presidio's online service also provides reporting capabilities for your tax payment records.

Positive Pay

Presidio Bank’s Positive Pay service is an effective tool to prevent check fraud. Checks presented to your account are reconciled to your previously submitted check issue data, and to check help protect your account. Our alerts function can email you a notification any day there are exception items requiring your review.

Wire Transfer

With Presidio Bank’s electronic funds transfer service you can transact internal book transfers, initiate domestic and international wires easily and securely. Send international wires in U.S. dollar or in foreign currency. Transfers can be initiated through a variety of options and receive instant real time confirmation of transfers.

Zero Balance Accounts

ZBAs are designed to maximize cash flow for investing or operating needs. A ZBA is created to serve as a disbursement and depository account. You specify an operating account as the central clearing point for all transactions. At the close of each day, for example, the checks and debits presented to a disbursement ZBA are automatically covered by a transfer of funds from the operating account, bringing the ZBA to a daily collected balance of $0. Multiple ZBAs can be created and linked, allowing you to make the most of your discretionary funds.
Presidio Bank's specialists will work with you to develop a system of efficient and cost effective disbursements, please call or visit your local Presidio Bank office for more details.