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Presidio Bank


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What our clients are saying

Visual of Marcy Wong Architect founders smiling and standing (woman and man)"It takes more than a vision and creativity to design successful architecture. It takes teamwork with a great business bank to support us along the way ... Our banker is one of us."
Marcy Wong and Donn Logan

Martin Shore founder standing against a wall with sunglasses
“I love the intensity of the entertainment and business worlds. Every day is an adrenaline rush because so few succeed. My bank doesn’t hold me back… Presidio Bank understands all my different ventures. While we are of like minds, they don’t script what I do.”
Martin Shore   
Movie and music producer,   
Director, Musician, Writer, and Real estate entrepreneur

Founder of EarthBath standing with his dog at the beach“Daisy, and all her friends have a great life…partly due to our bank, Presidio Bank. They partnered with us to bring our eco-friendly dog shampoo to market. 'Dog shampoo?' they said and we both laughed. Today we are laughing all the way to the bank.”
Paul Armstrong
Earthbath Founder & CEO

Eng Moy in a black dress and a red scarf from CAST a nonprofit organization“Art can be created with paint, voice, dance, or a pencil. Our bank combines art with the rigor of finance, giving us the capital we need to secure permanent space for arts and cultural organizations.”
Moy Eng
Executive Director of CAST
(Community Arts Stabilization Trust)