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Presidio Bank

Personal Debit & Credit Cards

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Our versatile card solutions allow seamless transactions throughout your daily activities. 

Debit Card

 Presidio Bank Full Page Branded Debit Visa Card

Visa® Debit Card enhances a standard ATM card by allowing you to use the card for purchases at locations that accept Visa. This card still functions as a standard ATM card when used with a PIN at an ATM or POS device. Since the Visa logo appears on the front of the card, the card resembles a credit card to merchants. However, purchase amounts made with these cards are deducted directly from your checking account.

Credit Card Programs

Presidio Bank cards including platinum Mastercard and Platinum Visa.

Through our partnership with TIB Card Services, you can choose the card that’s right for you, from our standard no annual fee card to two great reward programs. Our Personal Visa® and Master Credit Cards make it easier to manage your expenses and cash flow while eliminating the need for multiple copies of purchase orders, invoices, and other paperwork that can eat away at your time.

Flex Miles Travel Rewards

As its name implies, this exciting program is one of the most flexible in the industry. You will enjoy first class customer service and low point requirements for travel.

Preferred Points

While most rewards programs focus on travel mileage, Preferred Points goes much further. This outstanding feature gives you access to a rewards suite that competes with any-size bank.

Additional Information

For a complete understanding of our Card Products please call or visit your local Presidio Bank office.