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Presidio Bank

Personal Investment Solutions

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Make your money work for you by earning interest on excess checking account balances. 

Investment Account

Presidio Bank's fully automated overnight investment sweep allows you to earn money without needing to forecast cash or manage daily trades. Our sweep accounts are completely liquid, permitting unrestricted use of your checking account without the risk of overdrafts or the inconvenience of manual transfers.

Investment Sweep Account

If you consistently have excess cash balances in your checking account, you may be missing out on significant earnings potential on these cash resources. With an automated investment sweep account, excess cash is automatically transferred into an investment vehicle at the end of each day. It allow you to manage daily cash position and maximize earnings.

Loan Sweep Account


These are similar to investment sweep accounts, except that money is swept from a line of credit into the checking account if the checking account balance falls below zero. Excess balances in the checking account are swept to the line of credit as a principle reduction, thereby reducing interest expense. The sweeps are automatic, with no account monitoring or manual intervention required.

Additional Information 

For further information regarding Investment Services, please call or visit your local Presidio Bank office.